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From Concept to Creation

Heather Allen Concepts, LLC is an award winning store planning and retail fixture design company. We specialize in maximizing your sales based on our merchandising plans and custom fixture programs.  From high end retail stores and restaurants to custom carts and kiosks, we have everything you need to make your space a success – and more importantly, the creative team to make it happen.

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About Us

Forget stuffy design shops or the team of newbies looking to build a portfolio. We’re simply a bunch of creatives who love what they do, love working together, and love delivering loads of happy to their customers.

We launched in 2007 and have been helping clients here in Las Vegas and beyond to maximize their spaces (and ultimately, grow their sales) ever since. Our goal is simple: Leverage our design and fabrication knowledge and experience to deliver one-of-a-kind spaces for our clients from beginning to end. We like to think we do that well – but it isn’t just our opinion: our clients and industry awards agree!

We’re also proud to be a preferred vendor for local and national accounts, just some of which include:


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